Chris Stephenson, Head of Strategy and Planning for PHD APAC, joined Darren Woolley, marketing consultant and founder of TrinityP3, on the latest episode of the Managing Marketing podcast, which leads conversations with industry thought leaders on the issues, insights and opportunities in the marketing management category.

Stephenson and Woolley joined forces for the ‘Innovation and Effectiveness in Marketing’ episode, during which they discussed the importance of defining and delivering effectiveness.

In the half-hour session, Stephenson shares the paradox marketers find themselves in – the desire to be innovative and groundbreaking, while at the same time delivering on the results required, and how the two are a balancing act that can lead to conflict.

“On one hand, marketers want results, they want to see performance, they want to see things happen in a very controlled way as a result of the series of investment considerations they’re making. In short they don’t want to get fired,” says Stephenson.

He continues, “At the same time they want to think outside the box. They want to challenge category conventions. They want to find new ways of doing things. They want to get noticed, get attention and they want to think outside the stream and find new, innovative ways of doing things. In short, they want to get famous. And all marketers want to get famous and not get fired at exactly the same time.”

Stephenson also shares his insights into the role of strategy in a world that is increasingly focusing on short-term results.

“No matter which side of the fence you’re on,” he explains, “you are facing these conflicting impulses and we’re not getting the balance right. The balance is far too in favour of short-term performance at the cost of long-term brand building.”

Listen to the full podcast featuring Stephenson and Woolley above, or on the TrinityP3 site here.