This year’s Festival of Media Global theme is Defining Purposeful Media: Culture, Future, Innovation. Hugh Cameron (Chairman, PHD UK) is chairing the session ‘Why now is the new golden age for challenger thinking in media and marketing’. In today’s chaotic and turbulent world, even a market leader needs to think, and act, like a challenger to stay relevant and grow. Cameron will be talking to Kristin Harder (Head of International Media, Audi), Michael Lee (Creative Director, Oatly) and Pascal van Ham (Head of Marketing, Tony’s Chocolonely) to find out the narratives and strategies they are adopting to drive that growth, and what can be learnt from them.

The session precedes the publication of Overthrow II – 10 strategies from the new wave of challengers, a book co-written by PHD and eatbigfish which explores the 10 different challenger strategies, or narratives, used most powerfully today. Each strategy is embodied in interviews with incisive leaders who have used them to break through in their market. The book looks at the strategic principles that each follows, the media behaviours they practice, and the part that today’s big themes like technology, data, culture and creativity play.

Overthrow II is a provocative and practical guide to focusing on what really matters: the narrative you need to be a compelling challenger brand in an increasingly noisy, crowded and distracted world.

Approximately 250 brands are attending Festival of Media Global 2019, with over 80 professional speakers. Attendees will hear from the world’s most prominent brand CMOs, most powerful media executives and most pioneering innovators. The festival takes place from 21 to 23 May 2019 in Rome, Italy.